Yoga for Mental Health

An area of a special interest.

Yoga for service users at the Highgate Mental Health Day Centre since 2013.

Yoga for mothers with post-natal depression and post partum psychosis in the East London Mother and Baby Unit at Homerton Hospital since 2015.

Yoga for Complex Depression, Anxiety and Trauma for Camden and Islington Health Trust since 2011.

Voluntary class for MIND in Islington from 2011-13.

Testimonials from service users:

‘Since taking up yoga I have gradually felt better about myself, the world, and people around me. There is no right or wrong way of doing yoga. Just by taking part in the classes with others makes me feel better.’

‘I feel more grounded and in ‘myself’ after the sessions and I look forward to them. Alexandra is a great, calm and encouraging teacher. Go!’

‘I enjoy being here. It is really helping me to relax which I have been trying to do for a long time, but haven’t been able to do by myself.’

‘I’ve found it very beneficial because it helps me to relax – something I find extremely difficult to do by myself. It’s good for me as a person with a disability as it helps me with the challenges and strains I cope with daily.  It’s enabled me to  calm myself down when I might have a panic attack. The class has helped me to feel at peace with myself and this feeling of peace is a space I can enter without anyone’s assistance. This class is accessible to my complex needs, and I am able to work to the best of my ability alongside able bodied participants in an environment that is non-judgmental. Doing Yoga, when practised regularly alongside other complimentary therapies, has helped to reduce the severity and duration of my chronic pain. I have been able to reduce the amount of painkillers I take. I feel that the class is helping to reduce the negative effects of long term stress and chronic pain on my health. Being part of something I enjoy and can participate in has improved my mood. I feel the class has helped me learn to meditate and I finally feel able to meditate by myself.’